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All about the area - why hunt in alberta?

Alberta boasts what is arguably the finest waterfowl hunting on the continent. Generous bag limits, limited hunting pressure and relatively naïve birds combine to make our province a waterfowler’s dream destination. The Peace Country may be the very best goose-hunting destination on the continent. Thousands of local and migrating Canada geese stage in northwest Alberta’s Peace country throughout September and October. The Peace country is a large block of parkland habitat surrounded by forests of poplar and mixed coniferous trees. Running throughout the “Peace” is the mighty Peace River and several large lakes and wetlands provide additional staging habitat for migrating wildfowl. This is the first place where the birds are introduced to sportsmen and they rarely shy from a blind.

Directions Dry Creek Lodge

See the map below for our location of hunting here in Canada. The destination for flights is the Grande Prairie Airport and our lodge is approximately 1 hour north.